Bringing ALISS to the skies in Changi Airport
Changi Airport
2014 - 2016
ALISS Self-service check-in application

Singapore Changi Airport


As part of their FAST initiative (for Fast And Seamless Travel) at Changi Airport, Changi Airport Group was considering providing self-service options at every stage of passenger processing. They wanted to provide a suite of self-service options for departing passengers that would be available for travelers using participating airlines. The project started in 2014 with Tiger Airways, then Scoot joined in 2016, and more recently Cebu Pacific got on board.


EASIER was awarded the project and developed the application that now hosts the participating airlines. It enables passengers to perform check-in actions very smoothly from the available airport kiosks.


The generic ALISS application received functional modifications with built-in architecture in accordance with Changi Airport functional requirements. Among the additional benefits of the ALISS application is the ability to connect to different DCS and to mirror the branding guidelines of every airline.


Find out more: Customized airport check-in experience with Scoot.

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