The IER 401 wins all contests in Budapest Airport
Budapest Airport
Desk check-in solutions

Budapest Airport selects IER 401 printers as an upgrade for its current equipment.


As part of its plan to upgrade its old printers and expand its check-in area, Budapest Airport selected EASIER for the delivery of 144 IER 401 printers, which are SITA CUTE certified. The 72 ATB and 72 BTP units were deployed by the end of 2016.


The IER 401 is a multi-functional direct thermal printer that can host multiple applications (e.g. baggage tags and boarding passes) and facilitate the check-in process. It provides great flexibility of use with a single-feed printer for both boarding passes and bag tags.


It is specifically designed to work both with airlines’ host systems and shared-use platforms. AEA applications are based on standard Windows remote management tools and can be upgraded and reconfigured very easily, which ensures that printers in all locations are always up-to-date with no extra cost.


Over 40,000 printers from the IER 400 range are deployed worldwide. This is the most-sold printer in the world and is very popular with airports and airlines that use it as their exclusive solution. It is renowned for its robustness, reliability and efficient after-sales service.

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