EASIER range of high-end products is founded on Automatic Systems’ and IER key strengths: performance, mechanical reliability, single-user detection, innovative style and throughput management.


Automatic Systems is the world leader for the supply of Transport speed gates, with over 20,000 transport gates installed for Air & Public transport. We have strong historic legitimacy and mastery of detection technology and single-user control and leadership in self-service solutions.


The TGH – Transport Gate High Security, particularly suitable for underground transportation operators, is renowned for its high reliability and capabilities to process peak hour heavy traffic. It ensures safe passage of users between the moving obstacles thanks to safety photocells and DIRAS detection technology.


In short, EASIER Passenger access control solutions allow to:

  • Secure all passengers restricted areas
  • Eliminate most passenger frauds and organize a smooth flow
  • Increase rapidly operators’ revenue
  • Low cost of ownership, low maintenance



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