EASIER, as IDEMIA’s partner, is honored to take part in the modernization of the Icelandic border management system. The process will be launched in 2021, serving an average of 10 million people a year. EASIER will provide the National Commissioner of the Icelandic Police with border control equipment at all air and sea crossing points.


Entry/Exit System (EES) is a new Schengen territory regulation, implementing biometric solutions for the passengers coming from third-countries. The new equipment will collect person’s name, the type of document and biometric information (fingerprints and captured facial images), the date and place of entry and exit each time the passenger cross an external border. The EES will replace the traditional hand-stamping process for passports, which is more time-consuming and cannot provide systematic detection of overstay. New EES system for the Schengen territory will come into application in 2022.


In Iceland, the majority (95%) of Non-EU passport holders arrive at Iceland’s main international airport, Keflavik. With 20% annual growth of traffic (before COVID 2019), Iceland planned to develop a program to manage the increased passenger flow, taking into account also the country’s 30 seaports. By the end of 2021, EASIER, as IDEMIA’s partner, will install around 70 self-service EES kiosks and 24 Border Control gates in the main Keflavik airport and 30 Icelandic seaports.


Equipped with a biometric system, EASIER’s EES kiosks allow identification by facial recognition and fingerprints, thus facilitating immigration pre-controls and passenger check-in at borders.


The ABC gates and eGates, TraveLane will enable travel documents to be read and authenticated, passenger identity to be verified, unicity detection to be ensured, passenger eligibility to be checked and entry and exit to be authorised.


Calls for tenders are also under consideration in other countries of the European Union.


« EASIER is delighted with this collaboration with IDEMIA, which allows Iceland to strengthen its border control system.

Our EES kiosks are the fruit of a great collaboration with IDEMIA, which enables us to offer equipment that guarantees optimal security and an optimised passenger experience.

Congratulations and thank you to the teams for their work on this project. »

Ludovic Libeski, Managing Director EASIER

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