In the face of the global epidemic situation caused by COVID-19, it is fundamental to have the necessary detection, monitoring and evaluation capabilities to help limit the development of pandemics.

As early as March 2020, EASIER developed the Vital Check, a system that measures body temperature, heartbeat and respiration by scanning passengers’ faces with a state-of-the-art thermal sensor. It also provides information on the state of health through a questionnaire that allows people to decide whether or not to enter a controlled area.


The EASIER solution can be used during border controls, in airports, train stations, fairs, large events and more generally in all places open to the public. The system is also suitable for the protection of health institutions such as hospitals and nursing homes. Access to factories, offices, shopping malls, hotels, schools and government sites can also be secured with the Vital Check.


At the beginning of October, passengers at the Matabiau train station in Toulouse, on their way to Paris, were able to test the Vital Check to take their temperature before boarding the train.


This new experiment, carried out on a voluntary basis, follows the one carried out by the SNCF last summer in 3 Parisian train stations: Gare Montparnasse, Gare de Lyon and Gare de l’Est.


Equipped with thermal cameras, they take the temperature of volunteer customers before they board the train, without any physical contact and lasting no more than four seconds.


To protect everyone’s privacy, the measured temperature is not displayed on the terminal screen, nor on the agents’ terminal. The agents will only be notified if the threshold is exceeded, and this data will not be stored afterwards.



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