The history of IER and Automatic Systems dates back the early 60’s with first significant milestones for both companies as providers of airports, airlines and public transportation markets.


1971 marks the beginning of Automatic Systems international expansion with the supply of +100 rising barriers to Frankfurt international airport followed by various important contracts with prestigious Public transportation & Airports customers such as SNCF French railways, Paris Aéroport, STIB Belgian railways, Manilla Subway system, Santiago de Chile underground to name a few.


Meanwhile, from 1977, IER positioned itself in the air transport market when it launched the first air ticket printers with Air France and Swissair as its first customers. Since then IER has been the provider of choice of the global aviation industry, delivering innovative passenger processing solutions from check-in to security, to the boarding gate and customs arrivals.


As a newborn entity of IER & Automatic Systems, EASIER is the combination of IER & Automatic Systems Passenger Solutions, providing our joint customers a more comprehensive product range for Airports, Airlines & Public Transportation projects.


EASIER develops a full range of high-end products that are founded on Automatic Systems’ and IER key strengths: performance, mechanical reliability, single-user detection, innovative style and throughput management.

We are a trusted worldwide partner with strong historic legitimacy and our mastery of detection technology and single-user control and leadership in self-service solutions such as kiosks, bag drop, speedgates and entrance control applications for the airline and public transportation sector is widely recognized.


EASIER, committed to be your best reliable partner.




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