EASIER was chosen by AENA, the main airport operator in Spain, to be part of an innovative biometric passenger experience pilot project.


Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat Airport is testing facial recognition at every stage of the boarding process, a milestone in the history of the airport that will completely change plane travel.


Launched on December 15th, 2021 by AENA, Vueling airline and a group of technological companies comprised of EASIER, IDEMIA, Indra and Mobbeel., the project consists in providing a complete contactless experience, from check-in to boarding.

The project is the first of its kind in Europe and integrates all the steps of a passenger in the airport into a single process, including biometric check-in at the self-service kiosk. The aim is to allow passengers to make the entire journey to the aircraft without having to show their ID document multiple times.


Based on facial recognition technology, the biometric system equipment is deployed in the check-in area, as well as at the entrance to the security screening and the boarding gate, where the passenger’s biometric data will be validated.

In this project, EASIER integrated biometric devices in its hardware and middleware, consisting of the EASIER919 check-in kiosks and SkyLane boarding gates.

This innovation streamlines the process and increases security from online check-in to boarding. Validation of the document with biometric data is done only once during the pilot, and passengers may consent to its use for subsequent flights.


EASIER is delighted to enter this partnership which offers Spanish airports a global approach to improve the passenger experience.

We are proud to merge on a single kiosk several functions: web pre-enrolment, physical biometric enrolment, boarding pass and bag tag printing, sanitary pass reading and payment module. As space becomes more scarce in the airport terminal, self-check-in kiosk will have to be multi-function. This is the added value of EASIER.

We are present all along the process up to the boarding gate with innovation and security at each stage.



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