EASIER deploys its Skylanes in Florida! - Easier

Already in business with EASIER for the IER919 self-service check-in kiosks, Tampa International Airport renews its confidence in the know-how and expertise of EASIER solutions.


In February 2020, Tampa Airport places a first order for 8 UL certified SkyLanes. (Underwriters Laboratories), helping meet the desire for automation of boarding pass checkpoints and the safety and quality requirements applicable in the United States and Canada.


This latest generation of boarding gate with a double swing-door entrance lane was installed at the entrance on the side of runway A. This pre-security solution integrates software connected to flight data, airport access control system and fire alarm. This solution makes it possible to manage the access of all people – travelers, employees, temporary guests, etc. going to the security checkpoint.

“We are doubling our throughput from two to four lanes,” said John Tiliacos, vice president of operations and customer service at Tampa International Airport. “A customer will scan their boarding pass, the gate will open, the customer will go through the shuttle hall, to the shuttle and to the airside.”


By the end of the year, 8 new Skylanes will be deployed throughout the airport, as close as possible to the IER919 self-service check-in kiosks, improving the overall passenger experience.

“Instead of going down to our ticketing level and going to see the airline, you can just print your boarding pass here,” said Tiliacos, vice president of operations and customer service at the International Airport. Tampa.


Through this new project, EASIER once again demonstrates its know-how and expertise beyond borders with production and project management based in Belgium, and the sale, software integration and installation carried out. by teams in the United States.





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