In order to meet the growing demand for Cross-Channel travel, Eurostar International Limited, the high-speed train operator linking the UK and continental Europe, is launching a plan to modernize its passenger ticket validation gates at various Eurostar stations.


Eurostar International Limited, a long-time EASIER partner notably through the acquisition of several IER400 printers, has renewed its confidence in EASIER by ordering 22 SkyLanes boarding gates for its London, Brussels, Lille and Paris stations. The deployment is scheduled for June 2022. These gates will replace the current ones previously supplied by EASIER and maintained for 15 years.


The SkyLane i720 is EASIER’s latest generation of automated boarding and access control gates. It is equipped with a secure entrance lane with swing wings offering a very high level of security.

Building on its success in the airport market, for the Cross-Channel project, EASIER has customized the SkyLane to adapt it to passenger train traffic and enhance its uniqueness detection system to ensure an accurate passenger tracking and prevent unauthorized use.


The EASIER gates will make the boarding process more fluid with optimized transit times.


“This joint agreement will help to focus efforts on the quality of service offered by EASIER, and on the further development of Eurostar traffic”.


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