Air Serbia selected IER ALISS self-service CUSS application to enhance their passenger check-in experience
Air Serbia (Nikola Tesla Airport)

Air Serbia selected EASIER to implement its self-service application, which have been deployed at Nikola Tesla Airport in Belgrade.


Thanks to the ALISS check-in application, which can be accessed from any CUSS kiosk, Air Serbia can provide their passengers with the option to check in for a flight, select or change their seat, or obtain a boarding pass for same-day departures on different airlines, all within the airline brand guidelines.


Alignment with their brand identity and the development of a set of sequences that mirrored passenger expectations were of paramount importance for Air Serbia. In addition to a special interface built for their check-in application, the airline also opted to integrate a payment option allowing passengers to change their seat or add extra bags for a fee. This configuration allows Air Serbia to focus on building their brand and selling their services while simplifying the journey for their customers.


“We are convinced that this new check-in solution will provide a better check-in experience for our passengers,” commented Nikola Vukomanovic, Air Serbia’s spokesperson. “This application will allow them to add bags or change their seat upon arrival at the airport, significantly reduce the time they need to spend at the airport and enhance the overall experience.”

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