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Since March 26 2019, our customers have more choice when looking for solutions to enhance their passengers’ journey on the ground and provide them with a meaningful travel experience.

EASIER is the combination of IER & Automatic Systems Passenger Solutions, providing our joint customers a more comprehensive product range for Airports, Airlines & Public Transportation projects.

As a newborn entity of IER & Automatic Systems, EASIER will leverage the best of two of the world’s leaders and most successful airports, airlines and public transportation providers, while developing new products and services to offer a unique and differentiated passenger experience.

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Our vision

Through our expertise and leadership in passenger self-service solutions and equipment, we want to offer a unique and differentiated passenger experience.
We are actively engaged in the evolution of technologies and strive to leverage these capabilities in enhancing the overall passenger experience. EASIER will enable us to collaborate in developing safe, cost-efficient and value-added solutions, through a dedicated, dynamic and customer-centric organization.

Venice Vaporetto station

Casablanca Airport, Royal Air Maroc

Punta Cana Airport

Santiago de Chile underground station

Napoli Airport

Stockholm underground station

Paris Aéroport, Air France

Paris Montparnasse Train station

New York Newark airport

Belo Horinzonte Airport

Brussels underground station

Abu Dhabi Airport

+100,000 e-gates

implemented for Public Transportation & Airline markets. An average of 90 million daily users.

+5,000 kiosks

monitored 24/7

+200,000 terminals

deployed worldwide

+500 Customers

(Airports, Airlines, Public Transportation)

Key benefits

Passengers systems expertise

We, as IER and Automatic Systems, have lots of joint experience in passenger process solutions across the world. We know what it’s like to travel and how the ground journey can influence their experience as passengers.

We have been actively contributing to the ongoing evolution of the industry towards passenger-driven operations. Our know-how is widely recognized by airports, airlines and public transportation worldwide and includes expertise in production, design, delivery and integration of customized systems in the terminal, combined with an extensive range of support services.

We have a profound understanding of our customers’ needs and we strive to deliver solutions making their travelling experience more meaningful.

Together, AS & IER help customers travel smarter and be in-control of their journey by keeping it simple & smooth.

Solution design

Our vision is to provide travelers with a memorable travel experience from the very start of their journey on the ground.

We want to evolve in line with industry vision. Our KPIs mirror a changing landscape, where connectivity, self-service and customer support will reflect the role of an airport, airline or public transport operator as an integrated element of a memorable travel experience.

We have a dedicated Solution Design team with tailored services from Project management leadership and steering with assistance and maintenance services, working hand in hand with key industry stakeholders.

From integration of biometric recognition systems in our solutions to self-service, EASIER is embarking with airports and airlines & public transportation providers on the digital transformation journey. Our solutions are intended to resolve the capacity issues of congested infrastructures that have to process ever increasing passenger volumes, without compromising their security and integrity, while ensuring that the passenger enjoys a seamless journey.

Value on investment

We help our customers improve their bottom line (increase revenues, reduce cost, increase productivity) in designing operational process that fit their needs with exclusive technology (Software, Hardware, Consulting).

For Airport, Airline and Public Transportation operators willing to take the self-service experience to the next level, EASIER provides the most relevant offer -from check-in to access control and boarding- based on exclusive hardware, software, and services, helping them reduce costs and increase revenues while enhancing passenger experience.

EASIER relies on a profound experience in developing and implementing:

  • Self–service kiosks for airlines, airports (CUSS), rail operators, post offices, Government Bodies
  • Self-service check-in software for telephone, internet, kiosks
  • Boarding pass and bag tag printers compatible with 2D barcodes & RFID-enabled
  • Boarding Gate Readers
  • Access control equipment for airports and public transportation operators with single-user detection
  • Integration of biometric facial recognition systems in our solutions

Robustly reliable

Together, we develop a full range of high-end products that are founded on Automatic Systems’ and IER key strengths: performance, mechanical reliability, single-user detection, innovative style and throughput management.

We market and support our products worldwide in a professional manner by relying on a global network of subsidiaries, distributors and service partners.

We are a trusted worldwide partner with strong historic legitimacy and our mastery of detection technology and single-user control and leadership in self-service solutions such as kiosks, bag drop, speedgates and entrance control applications for the airline and public transportation sector is widely recognized.

Together, we are committed to be your best reliable partner.

Service excellence

Global Strategy & Local approach

To make security and border control areas as safe, effective and hassle-free as possible for customers, the industry needs to embrace smart security technology.

Our deep understanding of Travel & Passenger industry and market ecosystem is a priceless asset. As globe-trotters and travelers ourselves, we share empathy linked to travel hurdles.

We are actively engaged in the evolution of technologies and strive to leverage these capabilities in enhancing the overall passenger experience. An objective that has prompted us to invest heavily in research, development and technology watch.

Collaboration is essential to help accelerate technology breakthroughs. We think of air travel as a combined experience of products, services and environments, where passengers can enjoy well-designed self-service technology that decreases wait times, increases throughput and empowers them with a feeling of control.

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